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Working on stretched canvas or canvas boards, I use high quality materials and I enjoy the richness and depth of oil painting. It is a slower medium than watercolour, with the added value of developing the idea of the painting over time.  City and travel subjects form a big part of this work.


Using top quality prepared paper, I aim to work fast and freely in watercolour, allowing the medium to take on its own character, observing and exploiting the abstract qualities of the subject, particularly in landscapes.


For me the human form is the ultimate subject of interest.  It is where we all live, isn’t it?  I can never tire of drawing the weight and balance of a pose, observing the beauties and oddities of the body.  These drawings are always made from the model, often using a combination of drawing media and watercolour.



Every current sketchbook is an ongoing record, and I have filled more than twenty of these over some years. Visitors to our Open Studio days enjoy looking through the pages, and while the originals will always remain in the bound books, I have made some inexpensive and handsome photoprints of favourites (some examples shown here).  These are available by post, and visitors can order a photoprint of any page at all. Contact me for more details.