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A strong interest at the moment for me is painting in the City of London, where stunning new buildings stand across the skyline beside the ones we have known and loved all our lives.  The river is always interesting, and that also leads me to marine subjects in coastal areas. Alongside the built environment, my favourite themes continue to be man and his works, Life or Portrait figures, where drawings can be more intimate and spontaneous.

Exhibitions of small works at the Brokers Wine Bar in Leadenhall Market, with both the Lloyd’s Art Group and the Maritime Art Group, will continue during the year, and I shall be entering work as always at the annual exhibition of the Dorking Group of Artists, as well as with the Armed Forces Art Society and the Society of Graphic Fine Art. Links are given on the Exhibitions page.

Running occasional Life drawing courses, I aim to help my students to strengthen their observation of the model, through structure and rhythm, and then to use the chosen media, drawing or painting, to best express the pose. If you would be interested in such classes then do please contact me.

My husband Paul has gained many admirers of his turned and carved wood pieces, and we shall be exhibiting together during Surrey Open Studios in 2018. Full details can be seen at where you should look for Studio No. 68, Bell House, and of course we welcome interested visitors at any time by appointment. Email or give me a call on 07972 198430.

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detail from Back to the Future
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detail from Embankment View
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detail from Ready to Roll
For anyone who is interested: I was apparently somewhat undersized at birth, and so dubbed “Tiddler”, later abbreviated to “Tid”, the name by which I’ve always signed my work.
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